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  • Food and Beverage Offers
    All child members receive 3 nuggets, chips and drink at EVERY home game. Please present your child membership card at the Golden Homes Kids Tuck Shop on the West Pad to redeem. All adult members receive 5% off food purchased at the Venues Ōtautahi food outlets. Please present your adult membership card at the checkout. * The adult discount offer excludes any beverages. * All food offers are only valid at Venues Ōtautahi food outlets excludes food trucks.
  • Flexi Reminder
    For all Flexi Members please remember to bring both the ezy ticket you have redeemed using your code AND your membership card. The ezy ticket is used for entry at the gate and your membership card is used to redeem the food and beverage offers. Any questions please reach out to the membership team on 03 421 7192. Please note, if you have an inquiry on game day, after 1pm both Alex and Talia will be at the stadium. If you need a hand, please see them at the Ticket box in-between gate A and gate B after 4pm.
  • Members Club Rooms
    Experience the enhanced members Club Rooms on the West Pad. Exclusively for Members, you can order food & drink from your table, and it will be delivered to your table. Crusaders players will be in there to mix & mingle, and we’ll have TVs showing the live game. And don’t forget Happy Hour from 5:30pm – 6:30pm on drinks!
  • Member Entrances
    As a member you get to use the member express lanes at gate A and B. For family entry right into the Golden Homes Kids Zone, please use the express lane at gate E.
  • Can I share my membership cards?
    Yes, you certainly can. If you are unable to attend a game, we would love for your family or friends to come along and support the team in your absence! Please note that child memberships cannot be shared with an adult, however please contact us here if you need to upgrade a ticket prior to, or on game day (03) 421 7192.
  • When will I receive my membership card?
    For 2024, are working with a global platform called Mber+, who do membership fulfilment across sports in Australia and NZ, including the Warriors, Waratahs, Collingwood, Rabbitohs. This year we have experienced some of the largest membership numbers we’ve had in some years, and so I’m sure that you can appreciate that fulfilment of 4000 membership packs is a big job. Mber+ do this every day, so it’s great to have them on board to support us! Please note that to redeem your plastic cards for 2024, you must follow the instructions outlined in the Mber+ welcome email. Cards will not be sent to you automatically. After you purchased your membership, you should have received an email within 7 days of purchase, from Mber+ with instructions on how to log on to the platform. The email would have come from Alternatively, you can login using this link here: Your username is your email address, and you will be able to create a password if this is the first time you are logging into our membership portal. OR if you would like the Mberplus customer service team to support you with your pack redemption, please email with your request. Please note that it does take 15 days for your pack to be posted out as they are coming from an international factory, so please make sure you redeem your pack by Wednesday 28th February to ensure that it is here before the first game. However, the good news is that if you don’t do that in time, a virtual card has been emailed to you already, and will get you into the gates for the games. To find this virtual electronic card, please search for an email titled “your Crusaders membership card is attached”.
  • How do I put different names on each membership card?
    If purchasing more than one membership, you have the option to add secondary member accounts and assign names to each membership in your order. Each secondary account holder must have their own email address. To create your secondary members accounts, click ‘add secondary account member’ and enter the details in the required field for secondary member and click save. Repeat this process for any additional memberships and click ‘continue’ when complete. Assign a name against each membership package on the payment page by clicking the drop down menu beside each seat. Please note: To have a different name on each membership card you must assign each name at the time of purchase. Once you have purchased memberships there is no way of changing the names on the membership cards. Need a hand to make these changes? Please get in touch with the friendly Membership Team on (03) 421 7192 or email here
  • Super Rugby Pacific Draw
    Please click here to see the full Crusaders draw.
  • Are potential playoffs and test matches included in my membership?
    Playoff’s are not included in your membership (the exception being our Premium Members who have the first potential playoff included). But the great things is that as a Crusaders Member you will have a preferential window to purchase tickets to Crusaders playoffs ahead of public sale. Further details would be provided at these times. Test Matches are a New Zealand Rugby fixture, and the best way to gain access to pre-sale windows for these games is by signing up to Team All Blacks -
  • Are preseason matches included in my membership?
    As a Full Season Member your membership includes access to a pre-season match for 2024. You will just need to present your membership card/ticket to gain entry. As a Flexi Pass Member, Seat-Only Member or Non-Seated Member, you have the option of purchasing tickets to this online at the time of securing your membership. You will also have a preferential window to purchase tickets ahead of public sale if you didn’t secure them with your membership.
  • How are seats allocated for members?
    To make things easy for our 2024 members on automatic renewal, we will roll your same seats over for the 2025 season. As a 2024 member not opted into automatic renewal, when we go on sale for 2025, we will reserve your seats until 31st November 2024. When you're ready (any time before the 31st Nov) you can sign in here to renew your membership yourself. Intending on joining the whānau as a first time member? You can use seat selector during the purchase process which will allow you to lock in seats of your choice from a stadium map. If you would like a hand with this, please contact our friendly Membership Team on (03) 421 7192 or email here
  • Are there wheelchair/mobility access memberships?
    Absolutely! We do have wheelchair and mobility access memberships. These are available in the front of the North Stand (uncovered) and they are priced in our gold category. These can only be purchased by contacting the Membership Team on (03) 421 7192 or email us here.
  • What seats are uncovered?
    Social Stand, Wheelchair seating, North Stand front 5 rows, South Stand front 4 rows.
  • What seats are covered?
    North Stand (except for front 5 rows) and South Stand (except for front 4 rows). We consider from the back of the stand forward to row M to be covered seating.
  • Stands and weather:
    The North Stand is more protected from the easterly. The South Stand is more protected from the southerly. The Social Stand is uncovered.
  • Who can help me with my enquiries?
    While Ticketek is our chosen ticketing provider, you are best to contact us directly here at the Crusaders for any of your enquiries. We are always happy to help, and if it is an enquiry about anything related to Ticketek, we are happy to solve that on your behalf. Contact the friendly Membership Team here at the Crusaders on (03) 421 7192 or email us here
  • I don’t seem to be receiving any member comms during the season
    You can update your communication preferences here. Otherwise, give our friendly Memberships Team a call (03) 421 7192 or send us an email here and we can check out why you aren’t receiving our emails.
  • I need some help to renew my membership(s) what do I do?
    You can renew your 2024 membership here. Otherwise, please contact our friendly Membership Team on (03) 421 7192 or email here and we will be happy to help process your membership for you.
  • When can I renew my membership for 2024?
    For those who have opted to have their membership renew automatically, this was done for you! If you have remained on automatic renewal, the payment has been taken from your account on the 6th of July. If you did not renew your membership automatically, you can sign in here to complete your renewal yourself. Or give us a call and we will be happy to help you at any time to renew.
  • I would like to look at making a change to my current seat.
    Changing seats is not a problem! We have introduced our new view from seat for Apollo Projects stadium, and you can see this at point of purchase to select your seats. You can select alternate seats or additional seats during the purchase process (subject to availability). If this sounds like you, once logged into your membership account return to the Crusaders membership home page, select your preferred package (which might remain the same) and then your new seat(s) from the stadium map. Continue through to the confirmation page. Don’t forget to remove any seats that are no longer required from your basket, before putting in your payment details. If you require assistance, please don’t hesitate to phone (03) 421 7192 or email our friendly Membership Team here
  • How can I purchase a membership for the first time?
    Click here to learn which package is right for you.
  • I want to be a member, but I can’t attend games...
    We’re stoked that you want to join the whānau with us for the 2024 season! However, if you can’t attend games, but still want to receive some of the benefits of being a Crusaders member, we have the following non-seated memberships available: Whānau – all those Crusaders fans who live in New Zealand but can’t attend games Across the Ditch – all Crusaders fans who live in Australia and want to be in the know and support the team Global – all Crusaders fans who live elsewhere in the world and love Red & Black!
  • Who is eligible for a child membership?
    Children over two years and 16 years and under (or still at school with ID) Infant’s two years of age and under, attending on a parent's lap, do not require a ticket. Minors 14 years and younger should be accompanied by an adult (18years +)
  • What are the benefits of being a member?
    There has never been a better time than now to join the reigning champions. Benefits range from Membership merchandise to skills & drills sessions with the team. Check out all the benefits of being a member here!
  • Who is eligible for a child membership?
    Children over two years and 16 years and under (or still at school with ID) Infant’s two years of age and under, attending on a parent's lap, do not require a ticket. Minors 14 years and younger should be accompanied by an adult (18years +)
  • I can’t find the Take a Kid to Footy membership package?
    We have simplified our membership offering and have replaced the Take a Kid to Footy package with an adult and child price point for all membership products. However, all child memberships still receive a Take a Kid to Footy pack for the season thanks to Golden Homes! In addition to being able to select your membership item in your member pack through Mber+, all child members get a free meal pack! The meal pack consists of 3 chicken nuggests, chips and a drink at each game. These can be redeemed at the stadium on a game day! Keep an eye out for details on how to redeem this offer closer to the start of the season.
  • What is the best seating for families?
    We have ‘family friendly - no alcohol’ sections available in the west ends of both the North and South Stands. These are available in both the silver and gold categories. Click here to find out more!
  • I have forgotten my password/I need to reset my membership account
    No problem at all, if you have forgotten your password at any point, click here and confirm your membership email address to receive a reset password link. Once you have reset your password, you will be able to log in to the membership portal and purchase your 2024 membership.
  • How do I change my membership account personal details?
    Thanks for keeping your details up to date, so that we can keep you up to date! Click here to make any changes. Follow the prompts if you have forgotten your password and get in touch if you’d like our help, either (03) 421 7192 or email here.
  • What is my username for the membership portal?
    We have tried to make this easier for our existing members, so your username is now the email address that you used to sign up for your membership with (this has replaced the traditional computer-generated username combinations of letters and numbers). If you would like a hand to confirm these details, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly Membership Team on either (03) 421 7192 or send us an email here.
  • Primary vs Secondary Membership Account Holder
    A primary account holder is the parent membership account. This is the account that pays for, or has paid for, the various membership accounts linked to it. This is also the account that receives information regarding membership renewals and the right to purchase membership seats at the time of playoffs. A secondary account holder is any membership account linked to a primary membership account. In contrast to a member purchasing multiple seats under one membership account, a secondary account has been set up to record personal details against each individual seat. A secondary account holder receives our weekly communications but will not receive details around renewing their membership or purchasing their same seats to playoff events. As outlined above, the primary account holder will receive this information. At the time of purchasing your membership, if you would like a hand to change how your account(s) is set up, please contact our friendly Membership Team and we can help you with this. Either on (03) 421 7192 or email here
  • How do you know what card to charge if I opt in for automatic renewal?
    We will charge the card that you paid for your previous years membership with. If those details have changed, you can update your payment details during the opt in opt out window.
  • What is automatic renewal?
    Automatic renewal is an option at the time of purchase (or renewal) to make it easy for you to renew your membership year on year. Automatic renewal is only an option if you intend renewing exactly the same seats for the coming year. There is a two week window (we call it the opt-in-opt-out window) prior to going on sale with memberships, where members have the opportunity to opt in (if they are not already) or opt out of their membership renewing automatically for the coming season. When we launch the opt-in-opt-out window, we will let you know what you will be charged and when.
  • I no longer wish to be on automatic renewal
    We understand this and during the opt-in-opt-out window you can login using your email address, untick the ‘auto renew’ box and select ‘save’ to update your status.
  • I opted for auto renewal on my membership, when will payment be taken from my account?
    All payments for those that opted for automatic renewal for the 2024 season, have been processed on 06/07/23.
  • What payment options are there for automatic renewal?
    Payment can be charged to either a credit card. Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners are all accepted. Standard credit card fees apply.
  • What are the terms and conditions of my membership?
    Please find all of our terms and conditions here. However, if you would rather speak to our friendly Memberships Team directly about these, please get in touch (03) 421 7192 or email here
  • Member And Supporter Code of Conduct
    If you are unhappy with the behaviour of members or supporters surrounding you, or you witness any illegal or anti-social behaviour at a Crusaders match, we recommend you speak immediately to a Venue Host or Security Guard. Or, on game day you can text SOS to Venue Staff on 226. Otherwise, we have a member hot line that you can use to contact Crusaders staff directly. Details of this hot line will be communicated to you prior to the start of the season. We would also appreciate that you follow up with an email to to let us know of any issues that you have at any of our games. Particularly if you have not communicated these on game day.
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